Lake Washington Laurelhurst Phase I
Laurelhurst Phase II
Mercer Island Craftsman
Seward Park Bungalow
Shoreland Drive
Union Bay Garden
Yarrow Point
Roswell Honda/Toyota
Langley Garden Bungalows
Lake Washington Residence

Set on a steep slope overlooking Lake Washington, this project presented the challenge of creating a series of garden spaces that provide opportunities to enjoy the hillside and explore the changing views as visitors descend toward the water. While the severity of the slope allows for striking territorial views, it also causes concern for stability and erosion control. To address this while avoiding over-engineering the site, a series of walls and landings divide the massive expanse of exposed hillside into an arrangement of cascading terraces.

In addition, the planting design contributed to erosion control through layering broad drifts of hardy and aggressive groundcovers and shrubs. The scale of the drifts is gauged on the larger scale of the site and the views back into the property from the lake. The variety of exposures on the hillside allow for a broad palette of plants, from hydrangea, astilbe, nandina, and vinca to lavender, artemisia, rosemary, cotinus, and other sun-loving plants.
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