Lake Washington
Laurelhurst Phase I
Laurelhurst Phase II Mercer Island Craftsman
Seward Park Bungalow
Shoreland Drive
Union Bay Garden
Yarrow Point
Roswell Honda/Toyota
Langley Garden Bungalows
Laurelhurst Phase II

A steep slope dropping nearly sixty feet to the water’s edge separates the main residence from the seemingly distant shores of Lake Washington. The owners, while placing great importance on an earlier phase that consisted of the accurate restoration of their brick Tudor, also recognized a need to bridge the gap between the upper and lower portions of this steep site and create strong physical and functional links. With a new family and an active lifestyle, a lakeside cabana and expansive lawn provide this connection.

In contrast with the first phase, the design of the lower portion of the site is a much more organic response to the interaction between the hillside and the water’s edge. A stone bench marks the center axis of the narrow site. Smooth igneous boulders flank a fire circle and anchor the site while creating a calming eddy for respite and relaxation.
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