Lake Washington
Laurelhurst Phase I
Laurelhurst Phase II
Mercer Island Craftsman
Seward Park Bungalow
Shoreland Drive
Union Bay Garden
Yarrow Point
Roswell Honda/Toyota
Langley Garden Bungalows
Shoreland Drive Residence

This residence is perfectly sited on the west-facing slopes of Lake Washington. The owners, inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, collaborated with landscape architect and architect to create a home and garden that would reflect both Wright’s work and their own personalities.

Though the materials used in the landscape adhere to the architectural palette, it is through the garden design that these same elements address the distinct topography and context of the site, and the unique personalities of the owners. This synergy was realized by making clear connections to the home‚s architectural influences while crafting a new vision of a more vibrant landscape. The blending of this austere era of design with a more playful garden truly makes each space a manifestation of the owners’ individual style.
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