Founded in 1988 by Ken Philp, Kenneth Philp Landscape Architects has grown to become a 5-person firm specializing in residential, urban, public and commercial design throughout the Pacific Northwest. KPLA’s design process emphasizes three equally important and fundamental aspects of design: architectural style, inherent qualities of the site, and our clients’ personality and vision. We believe it is imperative to consider each of these factors, allowing each aspect to shape the design process and create a springboard for our composition of a concept and program. We employ a diverse team of landscape architects, project managers and support staff, and make our clients needs our first priority.

Kenneth Philp

A native of Glasgow, Scotland, Ken was raised in the Pacific Northwest and has spent many seasons exploring the region’s mountains and waterways. Ken draws inspiration for his designs from the natural environment. In addition, garden and architectural styles and history have been a focus of his academic as well as professional background. These interests and experiences serve as a strong foundation to Ken’s design approach and his belief that architecture and garden design are both integral parts of a well-designed site.

Kwatee Stamm

Kwatee began his career in Pennsylvania where he developed a deep appreciation for designing with local materials and native plant species. With more than 23 years of design, installation and horticulture maintenance experience, he brings a unique combination of practical construction knowledge and creativity to his daily work. His thoughtful approach toward balancing client’s goals with site-specific factors has contributed to numerous successful projects. His experience as a landscape designer includes all phases of design from concept development through construction documentation and construction management. Kwatee has worked in both the public and private sectors developing single-family estates, healing gardens, green roofs and commercial and institutional projects. Kwatee holds a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Temple University’s School of Environmental Design.

stephanie ROman

Stephanie developed a love of nature growing up in Northern Michigan which sparked her interest in Landscape Architecture. Her passion for art was cultivated over 15’ years while studying glass mosaic art and creating unique installations. Stephanie’s eye for detail combined with her love of nature and art inspires creative garden design. She is proficient in all stages of project development, from concept design through construction administration. Stephanie is committed to developing unique experiences for KPLA clients. She received her B.L.A. from the University of Washington where she developed extensive knowledge of ecological restoration and an appreciation for sustainable landscape design.